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About us

SEWREC, also known as the South East Wales Regional Equality Council, is a local charity that now has 23 years of experience working to 1) challenge discrimination, 2) promote equality of opportunity and 3) promote good relations between people from different backgrounds across the county of Gwent. The charity was first registered in January 1991 as the South East Wales Racial Equality Council, but since then has expanded its remit to cover all 9 of the protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010 and use (or not) of the Welsh language.

In the last 10 years SEWREC has also seen a change in emphasis from an almost exclusive focus on casework and complainant aid to a wider focus that includes:

1) A broader range of advocacy and casework (including work with older people, Gypsy, Traveller & Roma people, disabled people, migrant, asylum seeker & refugees people (MARs), people who have survived sexual violence and people who have experienced hate crime)

2) Education and training (with a significant emphasis upon basic skills and personal development) and

3) Community development (including youth work and work through sport, heritage and the arts)

SEWREC’s trustees believe that this mix of programmes more effectively challenges the causes of discrimination and supports people from disadvantaged backgrounds to 'level the playing field'. This is important because we want to see real change for both individuals and for our communities as a whole.